Digitally Printed Specialty Signage

All items are digitally printed using the latest technology, with expert attention to the best quality possible. For businesses large or small, these specialty applications are viable alternatives to the average signage solutions.

Floor Graphics and Decals
Definitely an eye-catcher, a graphic floor treatment is a unique approach to promote a specific event, celebration, or milestone. It can also be utilized to support and extend overall branding efforts with logos, slogans, company colors and images. Or, floor graphics and decals can simply be used to enhance or extend the look and feel of interior or exterior spaces.  We offer many texture substrate options – diamond plate, pebbled, wood grain, smooth – to achieve just the right appearance. Floor decals can be used on office entryways and lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, and even on stairs.

Trade Show Graphics
Don't think of our trade show graphic services as merely a booth; rather, think of it as a comprehensive solution to the challenges trade shows inevitably trigger. Companies can spend thousands in shipping their heavy break-down booth all over the country; and, the booth is designed to look exactly the same at every show, which means replacing it for next season's shows. Instead, Brainstorm can develop your customized booth from light weight, easily interchangeable sections and materials, giving you the ability to update your graphics from show to show, as well as season to season. This type of comprehensive solution requires forethought and innovative thinking, which we are happy to provide. In fact, we thrive on it. Call us for a consultation.

Building Wraps and Window Clings
Retailers as well as office building managers are turning to new applications of the digitally printed image. Both building wraps and window clings are viable, contemporary ways to advertise or decorate an office or building. Building wraps are a removable, non-permanent way (as opposed to painting) to update an exterior. The wrap can be many stories tall, or enhance entryway windows, or display a single image across multiple windows. Window clings hold to the interior or exterior surface of the pane, facing outward, and they are made to be opaque or translucent. The effect can be subtle or bold.